Copy Write

Creative ideas from bright young minds

Creative ideas from bright young minds!

Welcome to CopyWrite! …Or is it 'copyright?' It's both! Teachers and students, this is your chance to get involved in a project and competition that will get creative young minds thinking.

Engage, be entertained and explore your budding talent by considering what copyright means to you, to the creative world, and to the society you live in.

Through English, Drama, ICT and more, in six lively lesson plans, you'll be looking into what it means to work in the creative writing industry, with the help of video insights from some of today's leading creative professionals such as Sophie Kinsella (Shopaholic series) and Toby Whithouse (Being Human).

You'll be looking at the role that copyright plays in protecting talent and how it enables new talent to develop and shine.

And, you'll have the chance to shine yourself in our fabulous competition, offering unique and fantastic school and student prizes and the opportunity to showcase students' winning work on our website!

Students and teachers, click through to your own pages now to find out more and to get started with CopyWrite!

Copyright? What's in it for me? Hear it from the professionals…

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